Privacy Policy

Last updated on 19th February 2018

Mineunit refers to Mineunit AG, or to any other of its subsidiaries affiliates or principals (hereinafter - Company).

This Privacy Agreement (“PA”) demonstrates Mineunit's commitment to maintaining your privacy.

Also this PA and its attachments describe how we collect, use, disclose and share all the collected private or confidential data. Please carefully read and understand it.

Acceptance of this PA means that you fully accept all its terms and conditions.

For the purposes of this PA the term Services stands for any functional abilities of the website including providing content, selling goods, other available services.

What Information is Collected by our Company?

When you visit the website (, you can provide our Company with two types data: personal data, that you voluntarily disclose in order to use our Service (also the data collected on the basis of an individual will of your user/client) and the data, collected automatically when you use our website or its services.

What is Meant by Personal Data?

The first condition of personal data (according to this PA) is voluntariness, i.e. personal data (“PD”) is collected only when there is a voluntarily expressed consent of the subject / the User of our Service. This consent is needed to use the Service, its components, and/or related services.

Personal Data Includes:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Middle name (if available)
  4. E-mail
  5. Phone contact number

Also Personal Data Includes (if the User wishes to disclose it):

  1. Postal address, shipping address, registration address
  2. Other personal data
  3. Payment information

Conditions of Personal Data Provision:

By submitting his/her PD to the Company the User also accepts its collecting, systematization, storing, updating, modification, usage, impersonation, blockage (deleting), in accordance with this Agreement.

Automatically Collected Data:

When the User interacts with the Service and/or the Site, the Service may collect the following data:
  1. Cookies;
  2. Telemetry;

Purposes of PD use:

  1. Provision, support or improvement of the Site and/or the Service;
  2. Analysis of data to track the popularity of the Site and/or Service;
  3. Provision of additional services;
  4. Development of new services / products for the purpose of their individualization;
  5. Sending of technical (administrative) notifications;
  6. Communication with the Users;
  7. Compliance with KYC/AML policy and the fight against possible fraud;
  8. Protection of ownership.

Possible PD Transmission:

It is carried out only with the consent of the PD subject (the User) unless this transmission is required for purposes described in this PA.

Confidential Data Protection:

The Company shall take reasonable measures to protect the confidential data transmitted to the Service and / or the Site. However, no computer security system is completely reliable and the Internet is not a safe way to transmit information.

As a result, the Company does not assume any responsibility for the data that the User sends or receives from it via the Internet or for any unauthorized access and / or use of such information. Also the Company cannot and does not guarantee that the information transmitted by the User will be received unchanged.

Technical Restriction:

Most web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. The User can disable the cookies: however, turning them off may limit the use of the Site / Service.

Distribution of Advertising:

The User also agrees to receive advertising messages from the Site / Service. However, the User may refuse to receive advertising messages from the Company at any time, following the instructions in these messages, but by refusing advertising messages, the User can still receive technical messages, because it's related to the security and normal operation of the Service and the Site.

Hyperlinks and Third-party Sites

The Site may contain links to other, third-party websites that may collect the User's personal data via cookies or other technologies as well. If the User goes to another, third-party website, this Privacy Policy will not be applicable for third-party website activities. In this case, the User should refer to third-party websites PAs, because the Company does not control them and is not responsible for any data that has been submitted or received by any third parties.

Actual Means of Data Usage

The Company uses the User's personal data in a scope of:
  1. operation, maintenance and improvement of its websites, products and services.
  2. responding to comments and questions, as well as for provision of technical support to the Users.
  3. sending the necessary documentation (in electronic form as well), in particular: supporting data relating to transactions, invoices, technical notices, data on updates, security warnings, and other administrative messages.
  4. promotions, notifications of forthcoming events and other news of the Company and / or its individual services, products.
  5. linking or combining the User's information with other information.
  6. protection of other Users, investigation and prevention of fraudulent, unauthorized or other unlawful actions related to the User.
  7. fulfillment of orders.
  8. other activities related to the business of the Company (Administrator) and / or the Service (the Platform).
The Company may transmit personal data with the consent of the User in the following cases:
  1. Marketing campaigns of various kinds;
  2. In various kinds of deals;
  3. To ensure the legal security of the Company and / or its services.

The data may also be transmitted to the public authorities following rules and regulations of applicable law.