Edge Computing Power at Home

The Mineunit platform is designed to help Mineunit owners to rent out the device’s computing power for social causes and earn from it.

The Easiest Additional Source of Income

Up to 400$
expected income per month
of time it can work on its own
2 minutes
to sign up and learn the app

What Does It Bring to You?

  • Simple for engineers
    The platform offers an easy-to-use API to let business clients connect to the Mineunit network and take advantage of its distributed power.
  • Appealing to crypto miners
    Using its hardware possibilities, The Mineunit platform offers outstanding capabilities for mining various cryptocurrencies (especially Ethereum-based).
  • Flexible for businesses
    The platform perfectly fits for any complex computing tasks, such as media transcoding, 3D rendering, neural network training, climate prediction, medical researches etc.
  • Automated for busy ones
    The platform can automatically switch to the most profit-promising tasks to ensure continuous income flow for its users.

Let's Create a Global Infrastructure Together

With Mineunits installed all over the world we’ll create a next-generation computation network based on fog computing architecture. With it, your device will be an appealing way for organizations worldwide to outsource data processing and computation tasks to.
Not only such Mineunit network will offer the most powerful processing power on the market, but also speed up important discoveries and humanity’s progress.
  • Distributed computing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Smart City management
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