Stylish and Quiet

Elegant and Powerful.

Flawless Outside

Mineunit is designed to convey its simplicity both in the look and in everyday usage. Just press the button to launch it. Mineunit will do everything else for you to start getting additional income.
  • One button
    Everything else can be set up via an app.
  • Keeps it quiet
    Only ~33 dBA. Comparable to a soft whisper.
  • Energy-smart
    Consumes 500W at most, like a stereo receiver.
  • Classic display
    A pixel screen to show only what matters most.

Perfected Inside

  • Networking capabilities for even more power
    Once only a couple of thousands of Mineunits will be united in a network, their total processing power will be comparable to the world’s most advanced supercomputers.
  • Wireless LoRa technology for data collection
    With LoRa, you’ll be also able to help your local organizations analyze and optimize water and power usage, improve air pollution management and collect and process other important urban data for better municipal services.
  • Customized processing logic for edge computing
    A sharp interaction of an Intel CPU, a Xilinx-based custom FPGA chip and two Nvidia GPUs makes Mineunit a perfect tool for intensive distributed calculations.
  • Huge storage for diversified monetization
    Mineunit has 2 TB of HDD storage and a 120 GB SSD. They will help the device to generate even more profit for you once the Mineunit network is huge enough to offer a cloud storage for businesses.

Behind the curtains

Why Mineunit
How it Works
Hardware specs PDF, 10.5 MB

Most of the important discoveries the humanity will make next require a lot of data processing. For it, we'll need many powerful computational systems which are expensive to acquire, set up and maintain. The alternative is combinations of distributed machines like the Mineunit network.

So we're building a state-of-the-art solution for heterogenous calculations. Silent and stylish, it will perfectly fit your home, consume minimum power and generate additional income with no efforts from your side.

We’ll uncover the details behind its software platform over time. Also, we’re going to release special courses for the Mineunit Academy. To be always up-to-date, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Learn more about the capabilities of Mineunit devices with a PDF spec sheet. Note: these are preliminary specifications. The hardware setup may be improved before going into mass production.

*only the first 1,000 devices will be available for this price. The next price is $1,999.

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