Mineunit Demo

Mineunit has already proved its workability and profitability. A few of them are already united into a test network and run 24/7.

Mineunit in Action

Mineunit provides a way to unleash the enormous idle capacity in everyone’s computers. Learn more about the team behind it, the product itself and the educational resource for its users.
Introducing Mineunit: Why It’s So Appealing to Both People and Businesses
1:42 min
See Mineunit In Action: Real World Footage and Specs
1:46 min
The Blockchain network And Distributed Computing: New Business Possibilities?
1:05 min

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Thought-through Flexibility
Task prioritization. Encryption and two-factor authentification settings. Finance management. And we keep adding even more features.
Maximized Profitability
Built-in AI-based data analysis algorithms can determine the most sufficient computing task available at the moment and switch to it automatically.