Join the Mineunit Club

We need your help to let Mineunits hit the market. To support us, we offer you to join the private Mineunit Club for $49.95 fee.

What’s In It For You

Only Club members will have access to Mineunit purchase
You’ll save 35% with early bird prices and more if you bring friends
The $50 fee will be deducted from the device’s price for you
We'll share our technology and market researches with you
Access to our forum, where your activity can be converted into user points
Free participation in exclusive Mineunit Academy courses

Why The Crowdfunding Campaign

  • Production Control
    Your support will help us predict the initial demand for the Mineunit devices and produce a perfectly estimated amount of devices to offer you the best prices possible.
  • Closer interaction
    We’d really like to hear from Mineunit’s future users. That’s why every Mineunit Club member will get access to private forum, where they will be able to follow and discuss the product’s development.
  • We’re Almost Done
    Mineunit combines complex combination hardware and software that we’ve been working on for 2+ years. All that's left is to finance the first batch of devices via a donation-based campaign.
  • Idea Validation
    While everybody in our team is sure about Mineunit’s success, solid crowd support will be the best proof for other potential customers that the device is worth attention.

Current Progress

While you consider supporting us, we keep working hard to make the Mineunit perfectly ready for mass production.
#Version mu201810.12.12.11
Released October, 2018

  • Developing firmware for LoRa & FPGA modules
  • FPGA accelerator PCB assembly and initial testing
  • Transcoding and mining load tests for income forecasts
# Version mu201809.10.11.9
Released September, 2018

  • Testnet concept development
  • Designing schematic and PCB for the LoRa module
  • PCB design for the FPGA accelerator
  • Application management system update
#Version mu201807.7.10.6
Released July, 2018

  • Mineunit club referral module beta version release
  • Firmware development for the front panel LED screen
  • Testing front panel PCB
  • Updated mechanical design for the second version
  • Production of the second 3D-printed prototype with painting
  • The third version of the body design (final so far)
  • Fix for data integrity module
#Version mu201805.7.10.6
Released May, 2018

  • Cross-platform user authorization release
  • First prototype assembling and testing
  • Distributed transcoding API and platform alpha release
  • Software stress testing
#Version mu201803.5.8.4
Released March, 2018

  • Mineunit community platform development
  • Front panel schematic and PCB design (a version with watchdog, power button and LED ring only)
  • PCB and mechanical design: Added LED display to the front panel
  • First 3D-printed prototype production
  • GPU balancer: mining vs transcoding
#Version mu201802.3.4.3
Released February, 2018

  • Website: personal account module v1.0
  • Device: Initial mechanical design
  • Alpha version of the remote transcoding module for GPU computations
  • Mining software: v1.0 release
#Version mu201801.1.3.1
Released January, 2018

  • Mineunit website 1.0 release
  • Community concept development
  • Hardware block diagram
  • 3D device stacking
  • Initial BOM v0
  • Distributed video transcoding platform prototype

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