Mining Made Easy

Our dream is to make the fundamental changes that blockchain triggers available to people without prior knowledge or technical skills. Mineunit opens the door into the future of cryptocurrencies for everyone.


Mineunit’s Mission Is Greater Than Mining

Given how the entry point to the Blockchain revolution is still locked behind a seal for the average user we had no choice but to take action. Thus through embracing mining as a foundation of the blockchain ideology the idea of Mineunit was born in July of 2017.

Mineunit - both a device and a platform – is the first building block in a massive tower that is a shared economy of the future and you have the chance to personally craft its shape with us.


We Live And Breathe Crypto

Mineunit is more than a company to us, it is a shared vision of accessible blockchain that united experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe into a passionate, productive network. We do not believe in limitations whether digital or not. Even though we chose the “Swiss Crypto Valley” as our “home” the team is open to contributions from anyone and everyone who shares our passion for reevaluating computing and the very way humanity thinks of investments in general.

“We choose to make the world a better place. We choose to establish the foundation of a new digital economy. We chose to educate and simplify for the sake of everyone eager to understand blockchain on a level that surpasses mining” – the Mineunit Team.


Join The Mineunit Team!

We are looking for talented people to help us fulfill our purpose: meeting the financial needs of our members with limitless opportunities offered by blockchain! We are continually seeking highly motivated professionals with excellent interpersonal skills and a desire to make a difference in the way people make and spend money today.