Just Plug and Earn

A device bringing income from performing socially important calculations.

The Platform Behind Mineunits: It’s All About Math

A growing network of Mineunit devices performs computation-heavy tasks for third parties ready to pay for it.
  • Effortless Income
    Stock trading. Bank depositing. Business Investments. Most popular ways to increase income require your attention. As a smart device, Mineunit has inbuilt algorithms to automatically switch to the tasks that are expected to be most profitable to perform.
  • Simple Monetization
    Every day more and more organizations need to perform heavy data processing tasks like weather forecasting, scientific calculations, graphics rendering etc. If they adhere to our ethical standards, they can pay Mineunit members to perform these tasks via their devices.
  • Predictable Profitability
    Based on present market conditions (October 2018) our tests show that the current Mineunit model may generate up to 400$ or more per month. Or you can switch to manual cryptocurrency mining to multiply your possible income (and investment risks).
  • Public Benefit
    By joining the Mineunit network you help the humanity advance. Any piece of computation done on your device might lead to a new cure, a new solution to crises we go through, or to a new scientific discovery that will make the world a better place than we know it today.

The Mineunit Device: So Simple Yet So Complex

Mineunit is a computing box designed to generate income for your household and add a sleek high-tech touch to your home. It’s extra powerful, quiet, warm and does not require any attention after initial setup.
Inside the device, in addition to Intel Celeron J3060, 2 Nvidia P104 GPUs, 4 GB of DDR3 memory, 120 GB of SSD memory and 2 TB of HDD storage, Mineunit features a custom-tailored FPGA module (based on Xilinx Kintex-7) able to multiply the efficiency of heterogeneous computing tasks like machine learning, media transcoding, image recognition and cryptocurrency mining.
  • Compact
    33 x 33 x 33 cm
  • Power-efficient
    < 500 Wt
  • Quiet and Warm
    33 dBa & up to 35°
  • Wireless
    Wi-FI, Bluetooth, LoRa
  • Simple Setup
    The onboarding process takes about a minute. Unbox and plug in your Mineunit, download a mobile app, sign up in it and connect to your device to launch it. That’s it!
  • Custom Hardware
    What makes Makeunit a remarkable device to have is a uniquely tailored FPGA, an integrated circuit aimed to utilize the device’s GPU power for performing distributed computing tasks.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Unlike ASICs, Mineunit won’t load your grid. It is designed to consume only 400-500W (comparable to an average stereo receiver) while performing computational tasks of similar complexity.
  • Smart Software
    The AI-based decision-making system inside your Mineunit can automatically select and switch computing tasks available at the moment with no need for you to intervene.

Status and Availability

The device has already been designed and we’re working on the software at the moment. But we need your financial help to assemble the first batch of Mineunits and hit the market. So we’re launching our own donation-based crowdfunding campaign called Mineunit Club. Members of this club will be able to pre-order Mineunits for the lowest price and will get access to all the information and guides on the product.
The entrance fee is only $49,95 and it goes towards your purchase, which means once the pre-order phase starts, you’ll only need to pay the rest of the early-bird price.

What you get with this investment

  • An early-bird discount of 35% and even more if you bring your friends or help us spread the word
  • Access to our private forum where your voice will be appreciated and heard to make Mineunit even better
  • An account in the Mineunit Academy offering various courses about edge computing, blockchain, mining and trading

Mineunit RoadMap

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